Nobility International Science Foundation

The NISF is a science foundation initiated by the Nobility International humanitarian organization. The foundation’s purpose is to guide, standardize, reward, and fund scientific research in aristodemia with the aim of bringing about the next Copernican and Newtonian revolutions, and reversing the declining trend of innovations per capita which has plagued the international community since the Victorian era. The goals of the NISF are a part of the Nobility International’s war on the Global Error Crisis.

Notice: Silence Is Violence 

Report hate, perverts, terrorists, and professional / corporate / political corruption to OSIC.

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Aristodemic Research Grants

Scientific Interests of the NISF


The NISF is currently in development and will not have any available research grants, until at least 2022.







Apollonian Speculation

Apollonian Speculation

At the NISF, "Apollonian speculation" is a term we coin referring to the way that aristodemia applies the scientific method. In addition to informing the public of the necessity of Apollonian speculation for bringing about scientific revolutions, we will further...